Pawsitive Dog LLC

Just For Fun

The purpose of these classes is to stimulate your dog’s mind

and provide an enriching environment for him

which helps reducing problem behaviors

that result from boredom. 

Using our pawsitive reinforcement through games 

opens up a wonderful world of communication

between you and your dog.

For dogs of any age with or without prior training

No prong/pinch collars or retractable leashes allowed



Image by Rob Wingate
agility jump1.jpg

Agility Games

coming back in spring 2022

Gregory's Gift of Hope Rescue

This class will introduce you and your dog to agility obstacles.  As the obstacles are mostly done off leash, you will learn how to use your body language to communicate clearly and effectively to keep your dog focused.

The benefits of this course includes:

  • Helps solve behavior problems caused by boredom and actually improves his behavior

  • Exercise your dog in a way that will tire his body and mind

  • Improve off-leash reliability

  • Become better at all aspects of training and communicating with your dog

  • Build a strong bond between you and your dog


Quick Tricks


Hudson Community Ed

Fun, quick tricks and activities to engage and challenge your dog.


By teaching tricks, you will:

  • Establish a closer, more communicative bond with your canine friend.

  • Improve behaviors your dog already knows

  • Provide mental and physical stimulation

  • Teaching your dog to experiment, pay attention to you and offer behaviors

  • Learn self control. 

  • Tricks will include: shake, high five, wave, jump over & thru, crawl,  leg weaves, back up, spin, shell game, and more. 


Nose Games

coming back spring 2022

Prospect Park, Hudson

Scent games offer you and your dog a fun way to use his awesome nose.  These sniffing games can help your dog hone in on their natural talents, and it’s a easy way to keep them entertained.

The benefits of teaching your dog nose work include:

  • Fun way to give your dog more mental stimulation

  • Gives your dog extra physical stimulation

  • Nose work builds your dog’s confidence

  • Gives your dog a job to do

  • Easy way to bond with your dog

  • Nose work is fun & rewarding for your dog

  • Fun activity for any age or breed