Fun & Focus

The purpose of these classes is to stimulate your dog’s mind and provide an enriching environment for him

which helps reducing problem behaviors

that result from boredom. 

Using our pawsitive reinforcement through games 

opens up a wonderful world of communication

between you and your dog. 

For dogs of any age with or without prior training

No prong/pinch collars or retractable leashes allowed


Nose Games

In this class we will play sniffing games that will help exercise that doggy brain.  A great way to stimulate and keep your dog busy during these cold weather days! The variety of sniffing exercises include using interactive puzzles to scent discrimination (searching & indicating a particular scent). 

Bring a box no bigger than a shoe box & lots of small treats.  No prior obedience class required.  Dogs of all ages from puppy to senior are welcome. 

 New Richmond  11/19-12-10

Focus, Focus, Focus

The ability to get your dog’s full attention is an important part of training. Without him watching you, training can be frustrating and  unproductive for both you and your canine friend.  This course will introduce you to “marker training” which is one of the most revered methods of training for dogs. It focuses on positive reinforcement and entails clear communication between you and best friend. Come join us and teach your dog manners, tricks, or whatever you want!  Guaranteed smiles and tail wags!


ARF is a fun canine activity that combines the elements of rally obedience, agility and focus! You and your dog will learn to perform the obedience exercise signs on a course which also includes agility obstacles.  Each week there will be new signs to learn and obstacles to navigate all on a new course!  This wagging good time will build your skills as your dog’s leader and increase your canine friend’s repertoire of behaviors and self control. 

LaZBoy Training

Why give up your dog's daily training sessions when it is too cold or snowy to go outside?  Who says you have to walk your dog or even be standing to teach him manners?  Get your dog up and you sit. You are going to teach your canine friend good manners, redirect bad behaviors, and learn some silly tricks without getting out of your comfortable recliner.  It is easy, quick, and loads of fun.  Open to dogs of any age, with or without prior training. You can leave your recliner at home.  Chairs will be provided.  

January 2020

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