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Your dog will spend approximately 95% of his lifetime at home and surrounding neighborhood. Think about it. Where are you having to deal with those inappropriate behaviors?  Yes, in your living room,
in your yard, and on your walks.
It is very beneficial to work at alleviating and
modifying his behaviors in his own environment
where the problem is.
It is the best place to train your puppy or adult dog!

 For dogs of any age that need basic manners
or behavior modification

There are 2 options for training in your home:
One on One w/trainer                        

* We work with you and your family to design a custom training program to meet your specific needs.


* All family members are encouraged to participate. Yes, that includes the kids!


* When you cannot commit to a weekly class schedule, we can accomondate you by working with your schedule... days, evenings or weekends.... daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even once a month. What works for you, will work for us.


* Group classes may be too distracting or stressful for you and your dog. You can concentrate and learn faster in your own environment.


* Having one on one lessons can be beneficial before joining group session, giving a paws up on the distractions of other people and dogs.


* When your dog has issues like aggression towards people or other dogs, excessive barking, or any behavior you cannot handle, we can work with you to bring out the best in your dog.


* We give you or your trainer the opportunity to work with your canine friend in different locations besides your home like in the park and on your walks.


* You will receive reading material and homework/how-to handouts for the particular behaviors worked on during your dog's training sessions.


* We are available for same day phone or email consultations for questions or problems.


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