Learning Online

We want you to learn as much as pawsible about your canine friend so we offer these seminars so you can do just that.


Pawsitive K9 coaches are always attending learning seminars to keep you informed of all things doggy! And of course we love to bark!


Some seminars are online to watch at your convenience and some topics will be in zoom format for all to participate in person.



If there is a subject or behavior in particular you would like us to bark about, drop us an email.

Image by Chewy

You Adopted a Rescued Dog

.....Now What?

4/7-4/28  live zoom sessions

If you already adopted your dog

or are thinking about adopting,

this course is for you!


There are many benefits to adopting a rescue dog, but they may need some time to adjust to their new home.

  • Questions to ask an organization about the dog you are interested in

  • How to introduce your new dog to resident pets

  • What to expect the first few days.

  • Why your rescue may be shy or even fearful

  • How be make your new dog comfortable and relaxed

  • Problem solving the behaviors of your rescued dog

  • Behavior changes that may happen with time

  • Open discussions at each session so bring your questions


DIY Enrichment Games

& Puzzles

DIY games created from items

you find around the house. 

Benefits of games and puzzles encourages your dog to learn more efficiently, increases problem solving abilities, and creates an emotionally balanced canine friend.


Does Playing Tug With Your Dog Cause Aggression?  Is It A Dominance Game?

Playing Tug With Your Canine Friend


How to Stuff a Kong


Egg Carton Game

Image by James Barker

Cooking For Fido

Liip licking good food and treats

When training, we always advise

to use small treats.


What if your dog has food allergies

that makes it difficult to find small treats?

Make Kibble Trainers from your dog's food.


My favorite Silicone Baking Mat

to make bite size treats.


It just takes one ingredient to make these healthy Sweet Potato Chews.


Five ingredient homemade Grain Free Treats will be a big hit with your canine friend.