Learning Seminars

We want you to learn as much as pawsible about your canine friend so we offer these seminars so you can do just that.


Pawsitive K9 coaches are always attending learning seminars to keep you informed of all things doggy! And of course we love to bark!


These seminars are for you so please leave your 4 legged friends comfortably at home.  



If you would like one or more of the seminars below to come to your school's Community Education Program, let them know.  We will travel to any St. Croix and Pierce county school districts.

If there is a subject or behavior in particular you would like us to bark about, drop us an email.

Canine Enrichment

Enrichment in the form of games and activities that are of moderate to high intensity lowers stress in dogs and encourages them to learn more efficiently, increases their problem solving abilities and leads to a more emotionally balanced and confident dog.  DIY games and puzzles for your dog from items you find around the house.  Your dog will appreciate your creations on those "not walkable" weather days.  



Reading Your Dog

Learn the key to communication between you and your canine friend.   Your therapy training will proceed more quickly and easily when you can read the way your dog is responding to your efforts.  You will learn how to listen to your dog by reading his body language.  And what is YOUR body language telling your dog? 

Tuesdays 3/10 & 3/17

Bite Prevention & the Family Dog

To reduce the number of injuries from dog bites, both adults and children should be educated about bite prevention.  It is the responsibility of all  dog owners to practice responsible dog ownership.  Learn about prevention and management and why it is so important.

Topics covered are:

  • Know and understand the risks 

  • How to prevent bites

  • Understanding and recognizing your dog's body language to help avoid being bitten

  • Understanding triggers that can cause your dog to feel anxious, afraid, threatened, aggressive

  • What to do if your dog "shows his teeth" to a family member

  • Answers to your questions

Coming Soon

Dog-gone Responsibility

Dogs and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. Caring for a dog creates a sense of empathy and a respect for life. It teaches commitment and consistency, and it builds self-confidence. Your encouragement, along with the tail-wagging gratitude of the dog, will create a lasting feeling of self-esteem that will follow the child through life. 

Chew on This

Face it, your puppy or adult dog is going to chew - it is the nature of the animal.  Chewing on household items can be dangerous for your pup.  Grabbing your pant legs or nipping you is definitely a no no. 

We will discuss:

  • Why your pup is so obsessed with chewing, grabbing, or nipping

  • What to do when

  • Management solutions

  • Chewing alternatives

  • How to stop your pup’s destructive chewing in 9 Easy steps

  • Answers to your questions

Silence is Golden

Barking is a very natural form of communication for dogs, but is your dog vocalizing to an annoying excess? 

You will learn:

  • The 7 reasons why dog's bark

  • Understanding what triggers the behavior can provide insights into what you can do about it

  • The good, the bad, and the ugly of bark collars

  • Learn how to master the simple approach to stop barking (it doesn't come naturally to everyone) 

  • Answers to your questions

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