Learning Seminars

We want you to learn as much as pawsible about your canine friend so we offer these seminars so you can do just that.


Pawsitive K9 coaches are always attending learning seminars to keep you informed of all things doggy! And of course we love to bark!


These seminars are for you so please leave your 4 legged friends comfortably at home.  



If you would like one or more of the seminars below to come to your school's Community Education Program, let them know.  We will travel to any St. Croix and Pierce county school districts.

If there is a subject or behavior in particular you would like us to bark about, drop us an email.

Should You Correct Your Dog When He’s Naughty?

Your dog doesn’t just ‘do stuff’ for no reason.  Dogs do what they do because it gets them what they want, enjoy or need.  Or it lets them escape or avoid nasty things they’d rather not have to put up with.  Learn the benefits being a proactive trainer vs being a reactive one.  Discover how your dog will learn faster with positive reinforcement and the fallout of using correction training methods. 

FREE learning seminar to help you understand your dog to make you his best trainer.

6/1 6pm-7pm FREE Roberts Community Park Pavillion

What is Marker Training?

Marker training means using a unique signal to give our canine friend a clear, instant feedback to help him learn. It tells him exactly what he did to earn their reward.  Why not simply hand your dog a reward when he does something correct?  The problem with this approach is it’s not very precise.  In many cases, by the time your dog gets the reward, its already done about 7 extra things – so what did he get the reward for?  To take the confusion out of training and to clarify the communication, a marker is the ideal solution.  It is fun and addictive for both you and your dog.

FREE learning seminar to help you understand why we use this method of training

6/3 6pm-7pm FREE Roberts Community Park Pavillion

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