Manners Program


Our Manners Program consists of three building blocks. Each building block increases and maintains a mutual trust between you and your canine friend, is essential for effective communication to your relationship, and strengthens your bond through shared activity.


During your training sessions, your dog's natural behaviors (ei jumping on people) will be directed to acceptable behaviors AND the more acceptable behaviors your dog learns, the less room there is for undesirable ones.

You may join the appropriate Manners course that fits what your dog already knows, what needs improvement, or advancr to new behaviors.  


Detailed training and homework assignments will be given each session. 


No chain choke, pinch/prong collars, or retractable leashes allowed.  Bring your dog on a flat collar, head halter, or harness (under 25# only) and 6' leash.


4 session $65.  We do give $10 off when you present your dog's Adoption Contract from any organization.


Manners 1


For dogs 5 month and older - no prior training necessary    


Class includes learning:

* Sit politely when greeted 
* Down and settle
* Give and Take
* Sit and wait for permission at doors
* Pay attention and focus on you
* Encourage your dog to come when called 
* Intro to walking without pulling    



Manners 2


For dogs of any age - Prerequisite: Puppy Manners or Manners 1 or equivalent


Class includes learning:

* Increase the duration of sit and down
* Add distance to sit and down for a solid stay
* Walking close to your side without pulling
* Play the game of targeting
* Coming when call with minor distractions
* Leave it
* Go to "settle" mat and stay
* Stand for examination

Manners 3


Prerequisite: Manners 2 or equivalent


This class will add distractions to behaviors already learned. Some of the exercises will be done off leash. You will also be introduced to exercises given in the Canine Good Citizen course.


After the completion of this course, why not go all the way and get your Canine Good Citizen certification by enrolling in our CGC class to get you ready to take the test.

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