Training For Life

Training your dog is a two-way process, with communication between you both.  And with good communication the training will enable you to enjoy your dog more fully.   A well trained dog can enjoy sharing life with your family, without needing to be excluded.  


The time invested in training your canine friend will pay off with years of great companionship. 

Our training is a partnership that

you DO WITH your dog, NOT TO your dog.

We will be practicing social distancing and

we encourage wearing a face mask.


Your Name, Phone & Dog Name


Image by Berkay Gumustekin

Puppy Social Club

A great deal of learning occurs when your puppy is very young.  The ages of 8 weeks old to five months is extremely important. This is when your puppy learns much of what will influence his adult behavior.  Socializing with games like tunnels, snuffling, and polite greetings.  You will learn how more efficient it is to teach your pup a desirable behavior than to try to teach him to stop an undesirable one.  Each week will be a different training subject of group choice. Please ask your pup's vet if it is safe to attend class.  Rabies vaccination is required if too young.  Classes will be held outside and not in a location that the public's dogs frequent.  For puppies under 5 months old.


Roberts Community Park Tennis Court  

Open Enrollment Join Anytime  $20 session

9/5-9/26 11:00am

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