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Walking Adventures

Our Walking Adventures is great for daily walks and potty trips for your canine friends when you can’t get home!  These adventures are customized walking visits to make sure your canine friend gets the most out of our time together.  We’ll make sure your dog gets to take their daily stroll so they can bark at all the local squirrels, smell all of the bushes, and, yes, even visit all the hydrants.

Your dog will be partnered with the same Pawsitive Walker every time so you and your canine friend are comfortable with the care from someone you know, trust, and like.

Whether it’s a mid-day walk or fresh air playtime, you’ll be sure to come home to an exercised and happy dog.

You can book these walking adventures daily, weekly or monthly. 

We always meet and greet all new clients.  We want you to be comfortable with your Pawsitive Walker and we with you and your canine friend.  It is important to us that all your questions are answered and make sure your dog is a match to your caregiver.

Image by Mathis Jrdl
Image by Garrett Karoski

Puppy Stroll

30 minute  3 Ps time


Image by Dena Simard

Relief Walk

15 minute Pee n Poop


Image by Vincent van Zalinge

Stretch n Sniff

30 minute Adventure


Image by Jamie Street

Power Hike

60 minute Adventure


The 3 Ps are pee, poop, and play.   Your puppy will experience a positive, pleasant stroll while discovering the world.  He will have time to do his duties, sniff the environment, play with his caregiver, and have a treat and a fresh drink of water before going back to his house area. 

Your canine friend will have a full 15 minutes to do his pee and poop or a quick playtime in the backyard.  There will always be fresh water waiting for him.

This 30-minute visit includes a brisk walk for your canine friend through the neighborhood, or enjoying playtime in the backyard! The choice is yours! Visits include a feeding and water change.

This 60 minute walk is perfect for your high energy canine friend. Each full hour visit includes an extended walk filled with lots of playtime and a feeding and water change.  WE DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG TO A DOG PARK.

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