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Group Classes

Our training is all about setting your canine friend up for success

to repeat behaviors and make right choices.


Training your dog is a two-way process,

with communication between you both.  

And with good communication skills your training

will enable you to enjoy your dog more fully.  

A well trained dog can enjoy sharing life with your family,

without needing to be excluded.  

The time invested in training your canine friend will pay off

with years of great companionship. 

Classes are 4 - 8 sessions depending on course

Workshops concentrate on 1 behavior and

are 1 - 3 sessions depending on course



    Image by David Clarke

    Puppy Life Skills

    for pups under 5 months

    The whole family is encouraged to participate.

    ​This course will focus on teaching life skills and concepts.

    • positive introductions to novel things and experiences

    • structured interaction play

    • teach your pup to love being handled

    • basic skills such as name recognition, sit and come when called

    • impulse control games, learning self control

    • calming strategies for those crazy times

    • management ideas to keep you sane and your puppy safe

    5/8-6/5 River Falls FULL

    Quick Manners

    for dogs 5 month & older


    This class starts with our well-rounded beginner curriculum and is designed to introduce your dog to learning basic skills and good manners. You will learn how to set your dog up for success with training games.  You and your canine friend will develop a working partnership and have fun training. 

    • Sit

    • Down

    • Pay attention

    • Come when called

    • No jumping

    • wait at door to go in & out

    • a trick

    • and more

    • NO CLASSES 7/3-7/7

    6/19-7/17 FULL

    Canine Good Citizen

    Requirement:  completed a basic training course or

    pass a skills evaluation

    Your dog will develop better manners in the face of distractions:  
    *  Accepting a friendly stranger without jumping
    *  Sitting politely for petting
    *  Walking on a loose lead
    *  Walking calmly through a crowd
    *  Coming when called
    *  Solid sits & down stays
    *  Polite greeting when meeting another dog
    *  Acceptance of being groomed and handled by a stranger

    Dogs that pass the CGC test (optional) will receive a certificate and title from the American Kennel Club (includes mixed breeds). 

    Polite Greetings

    for dogs of all ages


    An enthusiastic greeting from your dog can be flattering, but you and visitors alike hate It when your dog unexpectedly jumps up on you, getting you dirty or knocking you down. Training your dog to keep him or her from jumping will make those around you feel safer--it is possible to turn that annoying habit into a polite one! 

    5/11-5/18 River Falls FULL

    Walking in Partnership

    for dogs 5 months & older


    Is your dog walking you instead of the other way around? Do you dread going for walks? Are your arms and shoulders aching? Is he a barking maniac? Yes, walking an out of control dog is incredibly frustrating. Let’s change that!  Learn exercises to help you and your dog to walk in a calm, pleasant, and fun partnership. 

    5/1-5/8 Baldwin FULL
    5/9-5/23 River Falls FULL
    5/15-6/1 Stillwater FULL
    Image by Alvan Nee

    Hey Rover, Come Here

    for dogs of all ages

    Does your canine friend ignore you when you call him?  Are you frustrated or worried that the moment something interesting catches his eye, he’ll leave you behind?

    This course you and your dog will learn:

    • Understand why your dog does not come

    • How to enhance your dog's desire to return to you

    • How to focus on you when called

    • Games to set your dog up for success instead of failure

    • Fast returns to you

    • How to handle distractions

    • What to do when he does not come when called

    4/27-5/11 Stillwater FULL

    Pooch Painting in the Park

    for dogs of all ages


    Painting with your dog is a fun way to spend some bonding time with them.  The finished paintings are pawfect to frame or makes the pawfect personalized gifts.   This activity doesn’t require any training.  You can come anytime within the hour.

    Quick Tricks

    for dogs of all ages

    Fun, quick tricks and activities to engage and challenge your dog.
    By teaching tricks, you will:
    *  Establish a closer, more communicative bond with your canine friend.
    *  Improve behaviors your dog already knows
    *  Provide mental and physical stimulation
    *  Teaching your dog to experiment, pay attention to you and offer behaviors
    *  Learn self control.
    Tricks will include: shake, high five, wave, jump over & thru, crawl, leg weaves, back up, spin, and more.

    Coming Back Fall 2023
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