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Sniffari Walks

Yes, your dog needs physical exercise but he also needs mental enrichment and that is where a Sniffari Walk comes in.

The benefits of our Sniffari Walks for your canine friend:

  • Provides an opportunity to explore their natural world in a way that makes sense to them 

  • Prevents boredom

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Makes their heart rate go down which has a calming, self soothing effect

  • Releasing dopamine, the “feel good” chemical

  • Boosts mood, motivation, and attention

  • Helps regulate learning and emotional responses

  • Can make them more optimistic

Your dog will be partnered with the same Paw Walker every time so your canine friend is comfortable walking with someone he knows and trusts.


We always set up a meet and greet with all new clients prior to the service.  It is important to us that all your questions are answered and make sure your dog is a match with our Paw Walker.

If the weather is not conducive for an outdoor Sniffari Walk your Paw Walker can still come for a Quick Potty and then play indoor Sniffari Games with your canine friend.  A 15 minute indoor Sniffari is equivalent to a 30 minute walk! 

You can book these walks daily, weekly or monthly.  Submit a Service Request and a Paw Walker will contact you. 


Your dog MUST have an ID tag on collar or harness AND be microchipped. 

Rabies tag does not count as an identification tag.

* We do not take your dog to a dog park because our walks are one on one sniffing adventures with your dog's Paw Walker. *

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