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Dog Walk


Learn Everything At-home Program

This is a different kind of training program based on the board and train concept.  Instead of sending your canine friend away to an unfamiliar environment with an unfamiliar trainer, we will come to your home and we do the training to teach your dog good mannersThis provides stress free training in his familiar environment with the same trainer throughout the whole program. 

Our goal through training is to build your dog into a well-adjusted and

well-mannered family member and equip them with the skills needed to safely live life out and about in real the world. 

* L.E.A.P. is NOT designed to address potty training, separation anxiety, aggression, biting, or resource guarding. Those topics are best managed in Home School with your family. *

3 training sessions per week for 3 weeks
plus 1 lesson with you at that end of each week


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